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                          ASIA SIGN Magazine

        Hong Kong Yason Media Group has devoted much more effort to build a professional magazine named ASIA SIGN with her rich media experience in the past 15 years. This magazine pays attention to the design and fabrication of outdoor ads, posters, billboards, SIGN and so on. It also concerns the advertising materials and equipments such as inkjet printers, engravers, light boxes, neon, LED light, etc. and has always been professional in communicating the industry information and technology. ASIA SIGN is the bridge for advertising companies, sign design companies, exhibition service companies, outdoor media, equipment-product enterprises to exchange and learn from each other.

        With the development of ten years, ASIA SIGN has become the leader and the best quality media in the whole industry in China. Based in Hong Kong, ASIA SIGN now owns four branches-Shanghai, Beijing, Canton and Chengdu, aiming to be the best industry media in the country. In order to fulfill the readers’ needs, ASIA SIGN does its best to grasp the industry trends. The team of ASIA SIGN magazine also attends trade shows in any cities of China, which make this media group obtain the first-hand information about the industry and market. And ASIA SIGN provide professional visitors the special edition named ASIA SIGN Newspaper to get the whole picture of exhibition, while the readers and advertising clients all speak highly of this thing. The two publications radiate the Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa and the Asian-Pacific region.

        With the Asian advertising industry’s development, more and more advertisement enterprises begin to open the international market, their business reach all parts of the world progressively. However, they often meet many problems in exports. First, the international market knows very little about Chinese culture and products. Second, it will spend lots of money and energy for Chinese companies to exhibit on the overseas shows. In Asian advertising industry, advertising equipments(such as inkjet, sculpture, molding equipment, laminating machine and so on) , advertising products(such as light box, neon, LED, display equipment, tri-vision display and so on) and materials (such as ink, acrylic, inkjet materials, sculpture materials ) has ready to export in quantity. In order to help exporting companies to reduce the cost of opening international market, and make them more well- known, Hong Kong Yason Media Group together with ASIA SIGNmagazine and ASIA SIGN Newspaper has published the English version magazine named ASIA SIGN SUPPILER GUIDEBOOK ceremoniously in 2014, which has issued the first season. By this book, we believe the connection between China and foreign countries will be much tighter and closer.


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