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            "Asian identity" hosted by the Hong Kong yaxin media group, Shanghai coyne advertising media co., LTD., is a trade journals for the asia-pacific region distribution. Magazine based on advertising logo production areas, painting is photography, sculpture, blister production, the production of various light boxes, neon lights, advertising word production engineering, LED light source, the exhibition display equipment, three, logo design and engineering, photoelectric products, projector and screen, production and other related products in the field of advertising signs, technology and service, we use the professional building“B2B/B2C”Industry marketing platform, business information, advertising equipment production enterprise, advertising companies, exhibition etiquette service company, outdoor media, the exhibition venues venues such as the bridge and the link to communicate with each other, communication.

      Normal subscription:280 yuan/year, 530 yuan of/for two years, 12 issue throughout the year

      Members: RMB 1800 / year, the year phase + 12 color logo member 12 issue of the magazine AD + well-known supplier information, additional services + readers exchange free free to attend qualification + 50 times throughout the year exhibition company information

      Gold members: RMB 4800 / year, the year phase + 12 1/4 color 12 issue of the magazine AD + 50 times throughout the year exhibition company information distributing free + new products recommended for free


      Magazines are all made of the express mail, ensure that you receive the magazine in the first time, please fill out the following information accurately, and arrange for the remittance
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      account    10012 98009 00559 3835
      Thank you very much! Please send the completed this form and fax remittance bottom list 021-3461 8762?
      Subscription/membership line: Xu Fen (miss)021-6457 5942 ?158 021 11522


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